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Why You Should Hire The Spit Roast Catering Company For Your Next Party

Why You Should Hire The Spit Roast Catering Company For Your Next Party

In Australia, everyone loves the taste of a traditional Spit Roast Meal. Whether it’s for a family gathering, a work function or a holiday event, succulent meats roasted to perfection is the ultimate party treat.

A spit roast meal involves a variety of melt in your mouth meats from Roast Pork with Crackle, juicy Lamb, tender Beef and more.

However, doing your own spit roasting can be a big task. Here’s why you should consider hiring a catering service that does spit roast in Melbourne:

Wide range of spit roast options

The Spit Roast Catering Company looks after the pickiest eaters. We roast a great selection off perfectly cooked meats, every time! A professional catering company will have premium cuts of pork, beef, lamb, chicken, ham and turkey available for your party to enjoy.

Versatile cooking methods (Time to cook)

The cooking time using a spit roast is dependant on a number of variables, the outside temperature, the starting temperature of the meat to be cooked, the heat that the spit roaster is putting out! A 4kg piece of pork can take up to 1 hour 20 minutes per kilogram to fully cook. That’s over 4 hours of cooking time depending upon the quality of equipment used. If you want to eat at 1pm on a Sunday afternoon, set up for cooking starts at around 8am, long before your guests arrive.

There’s more than one way to enjoy a spit roast. From cooking over a large fireplace, campfire, in an oven or over specific charcoal, each method can make a big difference on the taste of the food. At The Spit Roast Catering Company we cook in our kitchens and use the very best equipment available, ensuring perfectly cooked meat every time!

Professional cooking equipment (Weather Machine Break down)

At The Spit Roast Catering Company we can cater for parties of 15 guests to more than 1500 guests. Even if you’re cooking for 100 guests that’s more than 30 kilos of cooked meat you have to process. Don’t have access to a big enough spit for your next party? A specialist spit roast catering service will have all the necessary cooking tools and equipment to provide for your function. No matter how big your guest list is, a dedicated spit roast company will be able to accommodate for everyone at your event.

Hassle free roast meal (Take the stress out, right amount of food)

Having a classic roast meal is great with family, but preparing it all on your own takes a lot of time and effort. If you want to enjoy a wholesome spit roast with a big party, a catering service takes care of all the stress of preparing your dream spit roast. There are also other pitfalls of cooking your own spit roast like adjusting to the weather. Weather is a major variable when cooking a spit roast; excessive winds or rain can affect the ambiance of the occasion. And extreme heat makes it hard for food safety. Instead, you can enjoy time with your guests while experts handle the spit and keep your company well fed.

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